Plant irrigator
Plant irrigators, drip systems and water balls all do the same thing: water plants. They are ready-made systems that provide indoor plants with water for a longer period of time. They really make caring for plants a lot easier if you were not born with a green thumb or have little time for caring. All you have to do is refill the water ball when it is empty. And that should work, right?

How does it work?
You fill a plant irrigator in the shape of a water ball with water and you firmly put it in the soil next to the houseplant. The irrigator then dispenses the water bit by bit. In this way plants only drink when they are thirsty and they get just enough water.

Not all plant irrigators are equally stylish. Go for water balls that are less conspicuous, such as these irrigators made of glass from Dille & Kamille. Moreover, glass looks a lot more solid than plastic.

Stay hydrated
One advantage of water globes is that they are inserted deep into the soil and water the plants from below. This allows the roots to absorb the water more easily and your plants to stay hydrated. This is especially good when the soil is often dry. There is a good chance then that the water does not go directly to the plants but is absorbed by the soil. Do give the plants plant food once in a while with an ordinary watering can to give them a boost, this will make them extra happy.

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